Make Your Home More Comfortable, Healthy, and Efficient!

Blower-doorYou as a home owner or building owner are looking for ways to be more comfortable year-round at home, conserve energy, and reduce your energy bills in the process.  There are many improvement options out there, but how do you know who to trust and what options will truly be effective?

Let us help you cut through the confusion and offer real solutions to your needs.  We diagnose your problems and provide the facts about your home's performance, then offer real solutions to improve them. 

We are building-science professionals who use infrared cameras, blower-doors, and other high-tech equipment to diagnose and locate problems in buildings which cause comfort problems, excessive energy use, allow moisture intrusion, and reduce indoor air quality and structural durability.

We have extensive training and in-field experience in residential and commercial new construction and remodeling, weatherization & insulation work, and sustainable building practices.

This allows us to take a holistic approach at diagnosing problems in homes, office buildings, churches, warehouses, and other existing structures, as well as consulting with clients on building high-performance new homes, and verifying energy-code compliance during construction!

Infrared cameraSo, unlike traditional insulation & HVAC companies who offer "free" energy audits with limited experience and knowledge, hoping to make a quick sale, you can rest assured the best-trained and most-experienced building-science team at Building Performance are looking at your home from an unbiased, holistic view, to find the most cost-effective improvement options possible. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help make your home or office building more comfortable, healthy, and efficient!