Pleasure to Deal With

John Simpson - Prospect, KY

From the first contact, Eric George of Building Performance Group was a pleasure to deal with. An initial appointment was made for him to look at the scope of the job, after which he sent a detailed explanation of what he would do and how much he would charge. We compared three bids for the work and chose his company in large part because of the additional vacuum test. The bid was higher but the inspection would be much more detailed. I did forward one negative review to our HOA president (one bad review while all others gave superior ratings). Mr. George explained that particular inspection scenario to our satisfaction.

After the insulation job was completed, Mr. George inspected each building, carefully marking gaps and places that were missed, as well as small areas that needed additional thickness. The three series of thermal imaging pictures were easy to understand, the vacuum test showed areas where there was leakage. We received a detailed report for each attic within a few days.

In addition to giving us feedback on the quality of the insulation job, Mr. George also alerted us and provided pictures of several other issues that needed to be addressed. He is very experienced in all aspects of home inspection, HVAC, electrical, plumbing. We got more than a report on the insulation.

After the BPG inspections, the insulation company returned and filled all marked gaps. We decided that it would be wise to reinspect one building and agreed to pay Mr. George an additional $200 for this work. The second inspection did not include the vacuum test, but the thermal imaging test and two sets of pictures took him almost 2 hours. We were all satisfied that the insulation company had done their work well.

I would not hesitate to recommend Building Performance Group.