First-time Homeowners

Jenny Siegle - Louisville, KY (Highlands)

My fiance and I purchased our 90+ year-old Highlands home and knew it had some insulation issues but as first-time homeowners, we were a little overwhelmed by what to tackle first. Since we weren't eligible for the LGE home energy audit, I asked around and a friend had employed Eric (BPG) for an audit when she purchased her own leaky, old Highlands home a few years ago. I called Eric and he walked me through the options and how the audit would work. I told him we were hesitant to have someone come in and tell us what we already knew... that our home needed some work. But he said he would help us identify the "low-hanging fruit".

A few weeks later, he met us at our home with his equipment and within two hours, he was done. By the time he left, we felt educated, informed and (admittedly) a little overwhelmed, but have not regretted spending the money or the time with Eric. His report and photos were sent within a few days and we've referred to them multiple times while sealing, foaming, caulking and mastic'ing our house. Additionally, we plan to refer to his report as we continue to DIY some fixes and work with contractors in the near future.