Best $ I've spent in a LONG time!

Judi Christopher, Louisville, KY

It was without a doubt the best $350 I have spent in a LONG time! I had Eric come do the audit of my house because I felt that my LG & E bills were too high and I still was not comfortable in the Winter. What an eye opener! I thought I had a tight home, a 2 year old HVAC system, many new triple pane windows, and insulation in my attic! My home had air leaks ALL over, the HVAC that a contractor installed recently was only 80% efficient AND grossly over-sized, and I needed more insulation in the attic and around the band-board in my basement. Eric explained that open cell foam would be my best choice for the band-board and (after sealing many air leaks in the attic) more cellulose insulation blown into the attic. He gave me easily accomplished fixes for most of the issues and recommended several contractors for each issue that I couldn't do on my own. I have already had many of them out to discuss the report with me and get estimates. The have been professional and knowledgeable. I have chosen the contractors who actually sat down in my home, read through the report and then addressed the issues.