Karen Murray - Louisville, KY
I hired Eric to do an energy audit of our historic home, to help us in the decision-making process for some renovations we were planning. We wanted to do what we could, within a reasonable cost, to make our home more efficient. With the rebates associated with the KY Home Performance program, Eric's services turned out to be more than worth the money. We wanted to be sure we were spending our renovation money most effectively and making improvements to make our home more comfortable and energy-efficient. With the age of our home and the various additions and renovations over the home's history, this was not a straightforward… (read more)
John Simpson - Prospect, KY
From the first contact, Eric George of Building Performance Group was a pleasure to deal with. An initial appointment was made for him to look at the scope of the job, after which he sent a detailed explanation of what he would do and how much he would charge. We compared three bids for the work and chose his company in large part because of the additional vacuum test. The bid was higher but the inspection would be much more detailed. I did forward one negative review to our HOA president (one bad review while all others gave superior ratings). Mr. George explained that particular inspection scenario to our satisfaction. (read more)
Jenny Siegle - Louisville, KY (Highlands)
My fiance and I purchased our 90+ year-old Highlands home and knew it had some insulation issues but as first-time homeowners, we were a little overwhelmed by what to tackle first. Since we weren't eligible for the LGE home energy audit, I asked around and a friend had employed Eric (BPG) for an audit when she purchased her own leaky, old Highlands home a few years ago. I called Eric and he walked me through the options and how the audit would work. I told him we were hesitant to have someone come in and tell us what we already knew... that our home needed some work. But… (read more)
Brad Asher - Louisville, KY
Eric was great. He explained each test and what it would show, and provided an interpretation of the results. I emailed him several times after the inspection with additional questions and his responses were always prompt and informative. We were looking for ways to boost the energy efficiency of our home, but weren't sure where to invest our money. Building Performance Group helped clarify the areas we should emphasize and recommended providers to perform the services.
Mark Lericos - Prospect, KY
Eric was professional, punctional and it was obvious his only goal was to give us an unbiased and accurate opinion on our home condition.  The report he provided was extensive, detailed, and easy for us to understand.  He went through it all so we were clear on what he recommended be done to correct the issues for the most affordable price.  He also provided contractors he would advise using that he trusted.
Mark French - Louisville, KY
Very pleased with the service.  Eric was extremely thorough and did a great job of explaining each test.  The final report exceeded expectations and identified many areas I would never have thought would have been a major source of heat loss.  I highly recommend Building Performance.
Roger Uhlman - Louisville Nature Center
Eric performed an energy audit of our building to determine how we might improve our energy efficiency.  Did a blower fan pressure check to determine how much our building leaked.  While that test was going he used an infrared camera to see where the building was leaking.  Then he checked the static pressure of our HVAC system to determine how efficient our 3 HVAC systems are running.  Finally he did a visual tour to point out areas where we can make some improvements. He explained each process while he was doing it.
Sarah Hart - Shepherdsville, KY
" The inspection was worth the money. Being that my home is only 4 years old, insulation of the house was done fairly well. But did show some areas for improvement. The inspection did show that my duct work was in need of a lot of improvement. Eric was very professional and answered all of my concerns."
Judi Christopher, Louisville, KY
It was without a doubt the best $350 I have spent in a LONG time! I had Eric come do the audit of my house because I felt that my LG & E bills were too high and I still was not comfortable in the Winter. What an eye opener! I thought I had a tight home, a 2 year old HVAC system, many new triple pane windows, and insulation in my attic! My home had air leaks ALL over, the HVAC that a contractor installed recently was only 80% efficient AND grossly over-sized, and I needed more insulation in the attic and around the band-board in my basement.… (read more)
Brian Enders, Louisville, KY
This is probably the best investment in keeping you home energy efficient and safe. The ROI on this for me is probably a few months. First, they found a small gas leak at my meter which I never would have found. Besides being a safety issue I was paying for leaking gas. Getting that fixed was instant savings. The blower door diagnostic was done and then the thermal imaging. Some large leaks were found and Eric did some repairs and did a retest of the blower door diagnostic and reduced the percentage of loss by several percentage points with just one minor repair. He provided suggestions for how… (read more)