Tim Winters, Louisville, KY
He is very responsive from beginning to end. The report tells me what I need to fix and an approximate cost of repairs.
Karen Murray, Louisville, KY
We wanted to be sure we were spending our renovation money most effectively and making improvements to make our home more comfortable and energy-efficient.  With the age of our home and the various additions and renovations over the home's history, this was not a straightforward job, but Eric and Shawn were able to assess our needs well and help us and our contractor decide what improvements made sense and what might not be worth the time and money. Eric was able to come the day after I contacted him for the initial appointment and within just a few days of the time I called him for the followup.… (read more)
Starr Tingle, Eminence, KY
Eric came and performed an energy audit on a rental home that I manage.  He uncovered many places where the house was leaking outside air.  His report was very detailed and helpful in making us understand what we could do to solve the problem and make the home much more affordable for our tenants.  Money well spent.  I tell everyone that is looking to purchase a used home that they simply MUST spend the money to have this audit done on any home they are seriously contemplating purchasing.  You cannot go wrong by calling Building Performance Group!!  Couldn't have been easier.  The whole thing was done inside of a… (read more)
Diane Perkins, Louisville, KY
Eric did a door blower test and ran a model to determine what improvements would be most effective.  Wrote a report that could be used when working with various contractors, and was willing to answer any questions they might ask.  Did a post-improvement evaluation.  And, did all this under the time pressures and reporting requirements associated with taking out a mortgage. Eric is very knowledgeable and very helpful.  I have contacted him for follow-up consultations on things related to energy efficiency and the building envelope, and anticipate continuing to do so as I continue to improve my house.
Carl Shewmaker, Anchorage
Excellent service and valuable information.  Highly recommend.
Kay Keegan, Louisville, KY
They were clearly knowledgeable and efficient.  They explained things to me as they went along doing the audits.  There was a young man named Sean and he did the audit.  He was just particularly skilled in his work as well as knowledgeable.  He was able to communicate information to me about what he was doing.  The report that they sent was 44 pages.  They were very thorough and helpful because I had somebody to do some upgrading of my insulation based on their report.  The price was excellent because I got the deal.
Andrew Lynch, Louisville, KY
Eric was fantastic. Broad and deep knowledge. Showed up on time and was very efficient. I believe the audit will pay for itself many times over. There are cheaper options out there, but I'm glad I went with quality over price.
Deanna Miller, Fisherville, KY
Eric did an excellent job checking our home.  He did the door blower to check for cold air leaks and the infrared camera.  He checked our HVAC system and also checked our attic for lack of insulation.  He discovered that whoever had done the insulation in our home had completely forgot to insulate our daughters bedroom.  We had quite a few insulation issues.  He also supplied us with a 35 page report detailing everything he did and what we can do to fix the problem.  He also gave us a list of recommended contractors.  This is very helpful because we are not from the area.
James Kenney, Clarksville, IN
I started the process of wanting to insulate my mid-1920s home. I had limited knowledge about home insulation and other ways to become more energy efficient. After contacting several reputable companies I realized there were many options. I could insulate the attic floor with cellouse or perhaps fiberglass or I could foam my roof deck and create a conditioned space in my attic. I could insulate the band joist in the basement (foam or foam board). Also I could insulate my exterior walls (again foam, cellouse or fiberglass), seal my ducts (seal from the outside or from the inside) or get new windows. Which solution or combinations of solutions… (read more)