Part 2 - Top 10 Things to Make Your New Home More Comfortable, Healthy, and Efficient!

This is the second part of our podcast with Jason Black from Artisan Signature Homes in Louisville, KY on the top 10 things to make your new custom home more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient.  The first part of the podcast can be found here to get you caught up.


5 Ways to Make Your New Luxury Home More Comfortable & Efficient!

5 Ways to Make Your New Luxury Home More Comfortable & Efficient!

Luxury Homes Podcast on Home Energy Inspections!


Heating and cooling efficiency are a major concern for many homeowners throughout the Louisville area and with heating and electric bills slowly rising every year, many homeowners desperately search for ways to lower their energy bills without forcing their families to live uncomfortably during the warmer and cooler months of the year. So, what can homeowners and builders do to ensure their homes are properly insulated, prevent air and duct leaks, and maintain a comfortable balance for their families – and their checkbooks?

The “Red Tape Reduction” Shouldn’t Be Used to Change Residential Energy Codes

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s “Red Tape Reduction” initiative has been created with the intent to make it easier for businesses to operate in the commonwealth by eliminating a variety of “unnecessary” rules, regulations, and fees.  That all sounds great to me as a small business owner, however, the local Kentucky Builder’s Association is trying to include changing the residential energy code as part of this initiative, which is not in the best interest of the people purchasing new homes.  The majority of the KBA’s requests pertaining to building codes do have substance to them and we support many of those proposed changes, but the energy code changes are not among them.

The Truth Behind HVAC Air Filters

With the winter quickly approaching, you’ve probably seen multiple offers for heating tune-ups. Cleaning or replacing your heating unit’s filter is one of the pieces that should be incorporated as a part of the maintenance. With all of the attention that indoor air quality receives and its influence on respiratory illness and allergies, you may think that replacing your air filter in your HVAC unit will help improve the situation. The reality, however, may actually be quite different.

Spray Foam Is Not a “Silver Bullet”

Spray foam is one of the most popular insulation options and some people believe it may even be a silver bullet for making homes comfortable and efficient. However, while spray foam insulation has many great features, it isn’t ideal for all scenarios, and it’s important to understand that the experience of the person or company installing the foam is just as important, if not more so, than the product itself.  Also important is knowing what other insulation types are out there.

Why New Homes Don’t Pass the Energy Code

Every new home should be built to comply with the current building and energy codes, however, many new homes built in the greater Louisville area and especially those out in the remote country areas simply do not comply. Many new construction projects don’t get inspected correctly (or at all) and building codes are often not enforced as written.  

Why Your New Home’s Ductwork May Be Making You Sick

Many owners of newly-built homes assume that the appliances, HVAC systems, and other mechanical equipment are all working properly in their new homes. After all, we don’t typically think of a brand new home as one that requires immediate maintenance and tune-ups.

The Scary Truth About Mold & Mildew at Home

Your home in Louisville, Kentucky should be comfortable and safe while contributing to your wellbeing. Unfortunately, mold and mildew inside your home can affect its structural integrity, indoor air quality and significantly influence your health.

3 Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

With the fall quickly approaching, the humid, scorching Louisville, Kentucky summer is coming to an end. If you paid a premium for your summer cooling costs, while still dealing with a home that was too hot and uncomfortable, it’s time to prepare for autumn and improve your home.