Home Performance Contracting

Home Performance Contracting

Working with a Home Performance Contractor is a completely different approach to "home improvement", as you focus on improving comfort, indoor air-quality, energy-efficiency, etc by addressing the home "as a system".

This building science-based approach utilizes diagnostic tools like “blower-doors” and “infrared cameras” to inspect and test your house to properly locate the areas that need the most help.  

After the initial inspection, the Home Performance Contractor analyzes the findings and creates a scope of work for the needed improvements which can include, but aren’t limited to: insulation, air sealing, heating/cooling systems and ductwork, windows/doors, and ventilation among other things.  It’s comparable to creating a set of blueprints before you start building a house, or getting a X-ray of your teeth before the dentist starts drilling!

Every part of the house is examined, from the foundation-up, inside and out.  We look for signs of moisture problems inside and out. The heating & coolings systems are inspected and tested for efficiency, and the duct system is inspected for airflow , static pressure, and leaks.  Lighting, appliances, water heating systems, insulation, windows and doors are all inspected during a home energy audit, as the first step in a home performance renovation.

The things we find are typically a combination of heating & cooling issues along with air-sealing and insulation problems.  Sometimes framing work is needed, other times an electrician and plumber may be needed.  Sometimes ductwork needs to be sealed and insulated, or completely re-sized and replaced. There is typically no one-good company to call that specializes in all these things, and this is why the Home Performance Contracting business model was created.

A relatively new field grown out of an increased awareness of the need to address the poor performance of our existing homes, the goal of Home Performance contracting is to fix them by addressing all systems and components of the house and taking a targeted approach to fixing whatever is needed. 

From the old furnace in your basement to the insulation in your attic, we are looking for things that will solve your drafty bedroom problems, or the cold room over the garage.  Is it due to poor airflow through your heating & cooling systems?  Or is it an insulation issue? 

Do you have hot or cold rooms, or hot and cold levels of your home?  Do your windows sweat in the winter time, but not in the summer?  Are you constantly cleaning the dust off furniture in your home?  

By asking and answering questions like these, it helps us understand how all of your home's systems are currently working (or not), so that we can develop a game plan to solve them, in a cost-effective way.

The result is a home that is more comfortable year-round, more healthy to live in, more energy-efficient, and better for the environment, and will remain so for future generations.

Check out this recent project we completed in Prospect, KY as an example of our work!

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