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Case Study: Bobby Montgomery Home

At Building Performance , we often get calls from homeowners who are experiencing noticeable issues that they’d like to have fixed. Take the case of Prospect, KY’s Bobby Montgomery, a recent client who first contacted us because he had…

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High Electric Bills In Summertime

We got a call from a local home builder in Louisville, KY last week because one of their clients was complaining that their electric bill had spiked in the last 2-3 months.  The house was just over a year old and was insulated and air-sealed very…

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Humidity / Indoor Air Quality Problems

We were recently contacted about a 5,000SF house in Muncie, Indiana that was less than two years old and had been experiencing severe humidity problems and "sweating" on certain windows in the home.  Some rooms were warmer or colder than others, mold had begun forming around base trim, and…

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High Utility Bills

We recently got a call from a homeowner in Prospect, KY who built a very nice custom home and made extra efforts to make it efficient and comfortable, yet was still experiencing high gas bills and uncomfortable areas in the house. 

We decided to use an infrared…

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